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Looking for Trusted Gunite Pool Builders Near You?

Make a splash this summer with a durable gunite pool in New Jersey for your place at fantastic pricing & expertise. Picture yourself lounging in the cool waters of your very own inground gunite pool, surrounded by the beauty of your lawn. At Royal Pool Builders, we are all about making your dreams come true!

Our team of expert gunite pool contractors and installers have years of experience in bringing your vision for your backyard to life. We take pride in every project, using only the best materials and techniques to ensure your new inground gunite pool is beautiful, durable, and long-lasting.

So why wait? Give us a call and our designers will sit down with you to create an affordable construction plan to start with. We can’t wait to help you make a splash!

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Gunite or Concrete: What's Best For You?

Your swimming pool is the centerpiece of your backyard. That’s why you must ensure it is built with quality materials and craftsmanship. When it comes to building a new pool, you have many options to choose from, but if you are confused between a concrete and gunite pool, here’s how it works:

Concrete pools are among the most common types of pools constructed with poured concrete and reinforced steel bars to create a strong and sturdy structure. As much as these pools are durable, they give you very little room for customization and are prone to wear and tear.

Gunite pools, on the other hand, are built with a spray-on concrete process, making them flexible in designing. Like concrete pools, the mixture is applied to a steel framework, but the process includes pneumatic pressure. Inground gunite pools in NJ are a great investment for homeowners because they can last up to 100 years without cracking. 

The best part? Gunite pools are completely customizable in terms of finish options. They can be finished with a variety of materials, including tile, stone, and plaster, giving homeowners a wide range of design options to choose from. Plus, gunite pools are easy to maintain and can be kept clean with regular cleaning and chemical balancing.

Why Us?

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Great Pricing

We offer competitive pricing for our high-quality pool construction services. We are transparent about our pricing and will work with you to develop a budget that fits your needs

Quality Craftsmanship

Our team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality workmanship on every project. We use only the best materials and cutting-edge techniques to ensure that your pool is built to last

Customisation Options

We offer a wide range of customisation options, from size and shape to finish and features. We'll work with you to design a pool that perfectly fits your vision and your space

24hr Customer Service

From the initial consultation to the final inspection, we are here to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have.

Our Gunite Pool Building Process

As one of the top gunite pool installers in the area, we know how important it is to ensure that the pool you get is exactly what you want. That’s why we follow a detailed process to ensure that every project we take on is completed to the highest standards that is worth the investment that you and your family put forward.

Consultation with Our Designer

Our pool building process begins with an initial meeting with our design specialist. We’ll discuss your expectations with your new swimming pool during the consultation phase. We’ll also get an idea about the available space in your yard so that the pool design perfectly fits your budget. 

Once we have all the information, we’ll create a proposal for the final design, including detailed blueprints, design layouts, estimated costs, material details, and other relevant information. If you approve, only then we’ll move forward with the construction phase.

Permits & Approval

Building a gunite pool in New Jersey is a tricky process. You’ll need to get permits and approvals from your local municipality, which can take time. But with Royal Pool Builders, you don’t have to worry about any of that! Our gunite pool-building process is not only thorough but also fast. We’ll get you through the permitting process quickly so that you can start enjoying your new pool sooner rather than later.

We created a small guide on everything you need to do to get your pool permit in NJ, here.


Excavation & Steel Framework

Once the design is finalized, we begin excavation and the installation of the steel framework. Our excavation process includes the removal of any existing concrete, soil, and grass from the pool site. Next, we will install a steel framework around the perimeter of your new pool. This ensures that your pool will have a foundation strong enough to hold up to whatever you throw at it.

We start by installing a series of support columns around the perimeter of your new pool’s shell before continuing with footer plates across the top surface area, where these vertical supports connect to form an extremely strong structure capable of supporting hundreds (if not thousands) pounds per square foot without bending or breaking under pressure.

Gunite Application

After the support structure is completed, we lay down a layer of sand to provide drainage for rainwater and prevent cracks in the concrete later on. Our gunite machine then pumps a mixture of water and concrete into place through hoses attached to each side of the formwork. This mixture fuses to form an impermeable barrier that can hold water indefinitely.

Tile, Coping & Finishing

The last step in the gunite pool building process is tile, coping, and finishing. This is where all of your hard work comes to fruition. Our team will assist you in picking out the right tiles for your pool and help you attach them to the walls of your swimming pool. Once that’s done, we’ll place coping around the perimeter of your pool so that water doesn’t get trapped underneath it, and then finish off the surface with a non-slip coating or epoxy sealant.

Custom Gunite Pool Designs For You!

We understand that every property is different, and every client has different preferences when building a new pool. At Royal Pool Builders, we ensure that your swimming pool design stays uniquely yours. Here is a list of things we’ll focus on while designing custom gunite pools

Pool Shape

We can easily customize the shape of your pool to fit the available space in your backyard. So, whether you need a rectangular, square, circular, or freeform pool, we’ll build one for you!

Pool Size

The same goes for your pool size! Your pool can be as big or small depending on your yard. The pool size can range from small plunge pools to large lap pools.

Additional Features

We can also add a range of features, such as waterfalls, rock formations, water fountains, and lighting, to enhance the overall look and feel of the pool.

Safety Features

You can also add multiple safety features to your custom pool design, such as fencing, pool covers, and alarms.

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Gunite Pool Renovation Work

At Royal Pool Builders, we believe that a pool renovation is an investment that should stand the test of time. Our gunite pool NJ renovations are designed to last, with every step of the process being completed by our experienced team.

We’ll work with you to determine exactly what needs to be done and estimate the cost. Then we’ll empty and clean your pool. We’ll acid wash it if necessary, sandblast it, remove tiles and replace them, and chop and demolish the old surface. At this point, we’ll apply a bond coat to protect your new gunite surface from staining and debris damage.

Maintenance & Repair for Gunite Pools

You don’t want to think about it, but if you don’t do regular maintenance on your gunite pool, problems are bound to crop up.

And when they do, you need someone who knows what they’re doing and can fix them quickly—so you can get back to enjoying your pool as soon as possible. At Royal Pool Builders, we have been building pools for so long; we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to keeping your gunite pool looking its best for as long as possible. Whether your pool has freeze damage, leak damage, or an issue with the filter, our experts can fix it in no time!


Building a gunite pool takes between 8 to 12 weeks, though this time frame is subject to change depending on the size of your pool and the weather in your area.

A basic gunite pool installation can cost anywhere from $90,000 to $180,000, depending on the specific requirements and design elements. Additional features like waterfalls, lighting, or special decking materials can add to the cost. To get a more accurate estimate of the cost of building a gunite pool in NJ, it’s recommended to consult with our licensed pool contractors.

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